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Education Livestream

Live Streaming for Education

The world needs online education now more than ever before. This type of digital distant learning gives enormous flexibility to both teachers and students. Regardless of what’s happening around the globe.

While pandemics don’t typically lead to school closures, the need for distant learning is at an all-time high ever since the spread of the coronavirus. Many countries rushed to ensure students didn’t bear the brunt of the pandemic. So, the majority of them decided to transform classrooms into digital learning hubs where education has the leading role.

stream live education


Killara High School – 53 Annual Award Ceremony

Thursday 17 FEB 2022


Best Support

Livestream expands your reach beyond the classroom to connect your community and grow engagement, donations and enrollment.

We can provide you with the following equipment in the class:

Professional Cameras

High Quality Microphones

High Definition Live Streaming System

High Definition Recorders

Proper Lighting

Secured One-click Access

Automatic Notifications

Engaging Live Chats